Lolita Cocina to Reinvent Itself As Rouge Brasserie & Oyster Bar in Byram Greenwich

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This just in from CB5 Restaruant Group...

In true cb5 fashion, the global restaurant development group that’s been creating cutting edge, high concept places for eating and drinking and whatever, is making a bold move over the next few weeks. Their goth-meets-Mex restaurant Lolita, located in the Byram neighborhood of Greenwich, CT, will undergo a transcontinental transformation, morphing into a French Brasserie. But, not just any brasserie. The new spot will be named ROUGE Brasserie & Oyster Bar and will be a throwback to cb5’s original claim to bistro fame dating back to 2003.

The place was BLU. It was located on tony Greenwich Avenue. It made its mark on this conservative suburb with its pulsating club music bellowing out onto the Avenue through its open air façade, giving passers-by a sneak peek into the anomaly on the Avenue. BLU served mini blue bottles of POP Brut Champagne with blue straws. The bartenders were of the stunning and entertaining  varietal. The chef was the cousin of a famous food TV chef and hot stuff in his own right. BLU served hearty, French countryside fare and big Bordeaux wines. The vibe was 1960’s glam meets SoHo chic.  One of the first restaurants in the area to feature communal table seating, BLU brought strangers together. Oh, and did we mention that the bathroom doors were see-through? One-way, of course, unless you forgot to flip the switch. As we said – BLU brought people together.

ROUGE pays homage to the days of BLU, the concept, the culture, and the people who created what is now recognized as being ahead of its time. The revival of such a place is impossible. But, this is cb5 and cb5 is led by Jody Pennette. Nothing is impossible. The old team has been assembled. Some have gone on to open their own places, both locally and city-hopping across the country. Many are still part of the cb5 family and others have been working the Fairfield County restaurant scene since the days of BLU. The team is back. Josh is back in the kitchen, the front of the house talent is back running the floor, and your favorite barkeeps are pouring your drinks and popping your cork.  cb5 Restaurant Group is at it once again. Now, if only we could find out who took those see-through doors from BLU.

ROUGE is set to open November 1 – or at least that’s plan…

Much more to come. This is all we’re saying right now...

230 Mill Street, Greenwich, CT 06830

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